Canine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Watch Instantly & Home Study Course [NO DVD]


Have you been wondering what might be going on with your dog?

Hip Dysplasia or ACL tears and wondering why? Have an older dog that has trouble getting the hind end off the ground?

April has the ability to easily teach you how to tell if your dog’s body is out of alignment. Did you know most dog body issues start as a puppy with collar training, running to the end of a tied lead and the force of hitting the end, or one dog grabbing the other by the neck in play? This will result in the Atlas and Axis going out of alignment and the long term effect is the pelvis going out of alignment causing most hip Dysplasia issues.  This purchase comes with a copy of her Canine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Workbook.

Has your dog been diagnosed with hip dysplasia?

Does your dog run with both hind legs coming thru together at same time?

When your dog sits does it sit straight on both haunches or does it drop to one side but?

Does your dog have a hard time jumping up into car on or bed when it used to be easy?

Does your older dog have a hard time getting the hind end up off the floor?

These are all signs that this type of bodywork can help your dog be more comfortable in their body.

No previous experience necessary.

April takes you thru step by step of how to unwind your dogs musculoskeletal frame with soft effective techniques.

This is not Chiropractic and does not replace your normal Veterinary care.

Call April at 530-823-7321 for questions or details. Email:



April has the ability of being able to easily listen to what dogs have to say and then explaining to their owners how to help them release any energetic blocks your dog might have. In her videos, she walks you through and explains how to help stretch and release these areas yourself. Perhaps better than a description just watch this sample from her new video to better understand what April is offering for your dog's health and comfort.

This purchase comes with a copy of her Canine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Workbook

Call April at 808-868-1828 for questions or details. Email:

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