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Have you ever thought you could save thousands of dollars on horse maintenance?

Welcome to Horse Healers Academy where we teach you how to work on your horses yourself.

Horse Healers Academy offers you a whole new way of looking at your horses ~ and really understanding what is going on inside them!

From our many years of experience with clients, this will literally save you thousands of dollars!

Are you searching for why your horse is having training or behavioral issues? Saddle fit issues? Mysterious lameness the Vets cannot find? Spooky, flighty or ‘head shaking’ horse, maybe Uveitis?

If you answered yes to any of these issues, you have come to the right place! We teach you how to find and release all these issues.

Why is your horse needing joint injections before 10 years of age?

Are you being told that this is ‘normal’ and not believing it? Why is your horse needing to be on Previcox or UlcerGuard medications? Are you looking for a different solution?

These issues are why you are here! Look closely at the pink rib. (below) You will see less of a gap between that side shoulder versus the other side. While this does not cause the horse any pain, it does not allow that side shoulder to move correctly. All horses we have seen in captivity have had 1st rib misalignment since just 6 months of age!

Did you know this starts the high-low hoof syndrome most farriers and trimmers are always correcting?

Did you know that this imbalance shifts the ribs and withers out of alignment?

You have come to the right place!

You can learn how with a hands-on workshop or through expert home study programs with certificate of completions when submitting your case studies.

We teach a step by step program of touch and reaction on the horse; if it is reactive and sore here then this is what you do to release it. Each level comes with a step by step downloadable workbook as well as educational watch instantly videos. No more waiting for anything in the mail!
Eager to join a hands on workshop that is months away? As soon as you register with your deposit you are immediately sent your study materials.

No previous equine anatomy experience needed and if you have it, even better!

Signing up for a home study program with certificate? Same thing you get your study materials and our help all thru your training.

Our Global Team of Healer Trainers

Join us at a hands on clinic or check out our home study certification programs

Our Global Instructors

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Excited to learn and on a tight budget?

What Horse Healing can achieve in an hour!

Horse head issues such as spooking or Uveitis

We have found that after horses have pulled back when tied at a young age, other issues develop as they get older. We teach them how to work on this in our Level 3 Cranial Decompression.
Eye on the left is looking puffy with swelling and the inside corner is pink, not white healthy looking. This 5-year old horse was diagnosed with Uveitis and was scheduled the eye removed. This eye was always “weeping” and puffy while the other one was not.
Same horse 1 hour later after a Equine Cranial Decompression session. Next Vet exam: the owners were told they no longer needed to remove the eye!

Together, our program and techniques can add 10+ years to your horse’s rideable life!

April has helped many horse owners to learn holistic horse training and how to help their own horses. You can see for yourself in her FREE stretching video called “Yoga For Horses”

 Please watch this holistic horse training video, “Introduction to Holistic Horse Works with April Love” on how the body is connected.

It’s never been this easy to learn how to understand what’s going on with your horse… and save money!

Attend a Clinic

Holistic equine training can help deepen the bond between horse and rider. In classes, you’ll gain a broader perspective and understanding of horse health as well as rider-horse connectivity.

Host a Clinic

Passionate horse lovers who want to host one of our clinics will get the $825 class for FREE and each horse used in the clinic will receive FREE bodywork worth $100 per horse! Clinics are three days of hands on training with up to 4-7 students. No fancy barn needed.

Home Study Program

Learn simple and easy hands on techniques for deep lasting results.

No previous experience necessary!

Benefits of the Membership Club

Join our amazing supportive Global member site to learn more!

April and her 12 Global Certified Instructors are all sharing their healing knowledge, success stories and recipes to help you help your horse. We ask our members to also share their healing advice and success stories as well. Our main objective is for this site to be the ‘go to’ when your horse is in distress or having a severe issue that you can go here (while waiting for your Vet) to help your horse immediately in all situations.

We want to be your healing resource and to share all this knowledge globally.

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