Distance Listening

“April’s amazingly detailed and accurate “listening session with my horse” provided me with a clear insight into what each of my horses needed from me to be able to help them come back to proper movement and whole health.”
Jean Whitebread UK Equine CranioSacral Therapist and Level 3 student

What is “Equine Distance Listening?”

This is a way to find out what is really going on inside your horse.  April connects with your horse to get a sense of what they have to say.

You can send April two (2) recent pictures of your horse that you are having issues with. A left and a right side profile shot, standing on a flat hard surface with head up in a relaxed, not squared-up stance. Send the horse’s name, age and goals for your horse.

In a horse distance listening session, April connects with the horse to ask it a multitude of questions about:

  1. Physical issues affecting their ability to move correctly and with ease.
  2. Cranial Sacral issues-head tossing, spooking, heavier on one rein. (Google CranialSacral for humans to see what issues may arise in your horse.)
  3. Emotional issues affecting their behavior as well as their organs. (see Dr Bradley Nelson Emotion Code book)
  4. Environmental – Is there anything in their home environment affecting their health and wellness?
  5. Chemical toxicity issues in the body can affect absorption of nutrients – this means is your horse really absorbing the nutrition you are feeding them?
April then creates a 6-page document describing her findings from the equine distance listening session and emails a .pdf of it to you. After you read it, April suggests that you call her for a free phone consultation.

International clients can use email or Skype.

The next step is to view April’s DVDs, which will walk you through how to work on these issues yourself.

“Horses are Talking”, a bodywork DVD

“Equine CranialSacral Energy Work”, a cranial sacral DVD (formerly the “Horses With Headaches” DVD)

Interested in applying horse distance listening to your training? April offers a comprehensive 3-Day Class called “Level 1 – “Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding” for those interesting in learning how to work on their own horses for themselves.

Email April or call her at 530-823-7321 to learn more about her work as an equine kinesiology specialist.

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