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 If you are a competing equestrian rider, then you understand just how important your horse’s wellbeing is. After all, the quality of your performance is directly related to their health. A sick, unhappy, or ill-behaved horse can lead to poor performance or even injury— for you and for them!

All too often, competition horses get pushed beyond their limits, which can lead to adverse health effects that take them out of the arena early. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You have the ability to help them feel their best and to turn them into ribbon winners that are excited to compete.

Whether you are a rider, an equine therapist or vet tech that supports these types of horses, Horse Healers Academy is for you.

“The 2010 Endurance Race Season is just finished and I wanted to thank you for all your help this year. Jolly Sickle, my Arabian gelding from the track, had an incredible first race season and finished 5th in my division in the Mountain Region and the Pioneer Awards. I have both of your DVD’s which I regularly watch and share with my friends. Also, your personalized consultations via phone gave me the direction and tips to guide each horse to fulfill his potential with a successful, happy, healthy ride season. I’ve learned so much, and thank you for everything.”

Bev Gray

Endurance Rider

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